Constructed from high strength aluminum alloys, Ravens "RB" by Kruz is built without the bulk, improving your payload capacity.

Ravens "RB" by Kruz frameless dump trailers -- with their distinctive swirl finish -- are availabe at dealers from coast to coast.


Rear Floor Sill- 8" wide x  4" deep extruded aluminum (6061-T6) 

Floor- .312 aluminum plate (5083)Sides- .190 aluminum plate (5083) with 3/8" angel 

Rear Post- Extruded aluminum (6061-T6), 8" wide x 4" deep with 1/2" lip to secure seal for gate

Top Rail- Extruded aluminum (6061-T6), 10" x 4"

Front- .230 aluminum (5083), 3/8" x 4" aluminum band (6061-T6) around top.  

Bottom rail squared with mud flaps. Steps on roadside, rear ladder.

Hoist Box- Sloped, open with reinforcements for body saddles

Tailgate- .190 aluminum (5083) with extruded dirt shedder braces (6061-T6). Heavy-duty bolt-on hardware and steel bolt on bottom hardware.  Overslung latches proved positive locking. Air operated controls are located on draftarm roadside behind landing gear.  Sealed tailgate around outside edge of gate. 

Electrical- Sealed beam lights recessed in side stiffeners.  Mid turn signal center marker light.  One light on rear post facing rear each side

Mud Flaps- Heavy-duty spray suppressant back rubber

Finish- Trademarked swirl.  Steel parts painted black.  Conspicuity tape.   


Tires- 11R24.5 14ply 

Wheels/Disc- Eight (8) 8.25 x 24.5", 10-hole disk, hub piloted, unimount, plain aluminum wheels. 

Hubs- Four (4)10-stud Duralite, hub piloted. 

Drums- Outboard mount light-weight hub piloted. 

Brakes- 16-1/2" x 7" Q-plus, non-asbestos lining with quick-changes features, automatic slack adjustors, Meritor WABSO 4S/2M ABS system 

Axles- Two tubular 5" 25,000 lb capacity, 71-1/2" track. 

Suspension- Intraax 300 air ride, closed tandem, 49" axle spacing. 

Bogie Frame- .312 Aluminum web, 5" wide x ¾" thick bottom flange. 

Draft Arms-  Aluminum 4" x 6" tube with round tubular crossmember.  Draft arms are hinged to upper coupler and outboard of body.  Available in aluminum as an option. 

Landing Gear- Stiff legs or optional two-speed 50,000-lb capacity with sand shoes, handle mounted roadside. 

King Pin Plate-  37" x 46" x 5/16"  A-35 steel-articulating, 18" from front 

Hoist Base- Four 6" x 32" x ½" steel plate support tube for 2" hoist pin 

Hoist- Five stage, heavy duty 

Electrical- DOT, sealed beam and harness 

Finish- Swirl-finished aluminum suspension frame.  All steel parts painted black enamel.